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Just Stay Calm … Cleanse & Elevate Incense Blend

Just Stay Calm … Cleanse & Elevate Incense Blend

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Just stay Clam 


Calm…. Soothe… Relax… This incense blend is used to bring calming and soothing  vibrations into your home. This blend will not only cleanse your space but will raise your spiritual vibration by allowing you to tap into your highest self.. This incense blend was carefully created to both soothe but also stimulate your senses in a calming manner allowing your spiritual self to reset but also reach higher vibrations.

Best used during meditation but of course can be used during down time.

All Incense blends come with 2 pieces of charcoal.

Simply heat up charcoal until it turns red and add the herbal blend on top.

Comes in a beautiful 40 oz Rose Gold Tin container so the contents will remain fresh.

Do not leave burning incense unattended.

Sold Only As Curio. Results May Vary

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