About Us

The Spiritual Alchemists is a family run & owned business in Houston, Texas.

All of our products are considered specialty religious and metaphysical items. We hand make our oils, candles and sprays using only the finest ingredients which we harvest ourselves. Not to mention, all ingredients go through rituals and are all blessed and anointed. 

We take great pride in using only high quality ingredients.

Some waxes are unique to our brand, we call it our signature blends which are made in house. Our waxes are free from phthalates and petroleum.

Our Philosophy:

We strive to keep our products sustainable making us a cruelty free company. Mother Earth is important to us, which means we must take care of our environment. It is a crucial factor in everything we make, down to packaging. We do not believe in harming animals to create our products. We abide by the laws of  'Respect Nature and what Creation has given us.' This is a very important factor that sets us apart from others.

All candles contain our highly anointed oils created by us. High priest Carlos and High Priestess Alexandra are both appointed in traditional esoteric practices which what makes our company stand out. We utilize the extra knowledge and understanding from our teaching to create these products. Thus, you will receive powerful tools to utilize in your own personal practice.

All materials used in our oils and candles have been ritualized under full lunar & solar cycles, planetary energies and of course the 5 elements. 


Note from the owner : Alexandra, who is the owner of The Healing Priestess LLC, Meline ( a luxury line ) and co/owner of The Spiritual Alchemists.

Thank you so much for your business. We hope you achieve your spiritual and physical world goals with our products. As a person who uses everything we have made in my own personal practice, with great success, I thought it was only fair to share our tools for success with the world.