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Fraiche Avocate Body Mist

Fraiche Avocate Body Mist

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MELINE by The Healing Priestess is a Luxury Spiritual Product line.
Fraîche Avocate is a luxurious spiritually ritualized and blessed body mist.

This magical spray has intoxicating essences that will invite money into your life.

Simply must your body while visualizing money flowing your way. You will become a money magnet.

This luxury handcrafted spiritual body spray is made with 100% organic essential oils, and a dab of vitamin E to keep your skin silky smooth. We understand that respecting what Mother Nature gave us is important therefore cruelty free methods were used to make this luxurious body spray.

What you will receive:

3.4 Fl. oz of magical body spray in a glass bottle in plastic box.

Alcohol Free

Distilled Water, WitchHazel, Essential Fragrances
Scent : Peaches & Cream

*This product contains honey products*

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