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Aralez | The Healer | Ancient Armenian Spirit

Aralez | The Healer | Ancient Armenian Spirit

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Aralez, The Healer

‘Aralez is a canine creature with the ability to resurrect fallen warriors by licking their wounds. They were the invisible spirits of dogs.
Ancient Armenians believed that if a brave warrior fell in battle or at the hands of a traitor, the spirits called “Aralez” would come down to resurrect him.’


This candle was created to honor Aralez, the sacred dog spirit who cures people by licking their wounds. 
Our candles are ritualized and energized in the name of Aralez. Call upon Aralez for healing. 

What you will receive : 

An 8 oz. hand poured candle in a glass container. Our signature soy wax blend. Lightly scented. 







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