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Agate Oil Lamps

Agate Oil Lamps

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Agate Oil Lamps

Agates often have natural cracks and scratches from slicing and are purchased as is.

Agates symbolize harmony and rebalance. You can feel an improvement in concentration and analytical abilities. Agate allows you to feel the soothing and calm feeling of being safe wherever you are. The Agate represents the Yin & Yang. 


This handmade in house, Wick Agate rock oil candle includes a glass with fiberglass wick, a 2 oz. starter bottle of ultra pure paraffin oil and mini funnel for filling.

Perfect gift for a candle lover or those who enjoy unique decorative items. Can be used on your altar,  displayed on a coffee table, kitchen island, bookshelf or outside table.

Smokeless, odorless ultra pure paraffin oil and fiberglass wick last 2-4 hours depending on length of wick and quantity of oil used in reservoir.


To Fill:

Gently remove wick from candle.
Insert mini funnel.
Fill reservoir with ultra pure paraffin oil.
Reinsert wick.
Let wick absorb oil for at least 30 seconds.
Light and enjoy 


Additional lamp oil of your choice can be purchased through Amazon and other online retailers.


What you will receive: 

One agate oil lamp, 2 oz oil and a funnel 

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