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The Spiritual Alchemists

Money Magnet Dirt

Money Magnet Dirt

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Money Magnet Dirt is a magical blend of herbs, dirts, powders, and oils that are specifically formulated to attract wealth, abundance, and financial opportunities.

This powerful dirt is designed to create a magnetic effect on money energies, drawing in prosperity and financial success. Infused with special ingredients and money-attracting energies, it works to increase your financial abundance and wealth.


Use Money Magnet Dirt in rituals or spells focused on money, abundance, or prosperity. Whether sprinkled around your home, workspace or incorporated into money-drawing candle workings, jar spells, or other forms of magical rituals. Money Magnet Dirt can help you manifest financial opportunities and increase your prosperity.


What you will receive:

A bag of Ritualized Money Magnet Dirt. Contain approximately 175 grams. 


Disclaimer: Please note that our shop does not allow it’s sellers here to make any claims relative to any outcome(s) pertaining to products I offer for sale. It is for this reason that I cannot elaborate on the magical details of this product and have had to remove the majority of this items description. As per Government requirements FDA (Federal Drug Administration), I am required to state that my ritual spell items are sold as curios only, offered solely for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to provide any specific abilities or results.

Please use all herbs, oils, candles, soaps, body creams and incense responsibly.
The Healing Priestess and its owner are not responsible for any harm, damages, and loses resulting from the use of products from my shop. Purchasing my product signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.


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